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Applications for the 2019-2020 School Year are now closed. Stay in the Loop with Green Beetz for monthly updates and be the first to know when our 2020-2021 application period opens.

Green Beetz provides teachers with a ready-to-teach curriculum for 4th – 7th graders about the modern food system, nutrition, and sustainability.

Who is eligible to apply to be a Green Beetz school?:

  • NYC DOE Public, Charter, or Private Elementary schools and Middle schools with students learning at the 4th – 7th grade level.
  • The curriculum is specifically designed for elementary and middle school students and correlates to the Next Generation Standards and Common Core.
  • Participating schools must have at minimum one 4th – 7th grade educator that will teach the entire Green Beetz curriculum to the same class of students throughout the school year.
    • Teachers that work with students that perform at the 4th – 7th grade level are encouraged to apply.

Frequently Asked questions

Here, on the Teacher Portal!  There are links to the curriculum and lesson videos.  In order to view this content you must first register with us and create a username and login so see our content since it is intended for current educators.

Certified teachers within schools or after-school programs teach Green Beetz.

No. Green Beetz adapts a train-the-trainer model, where Green Beetz provides the curriculum, videos, and materials to each Green Beetz instructor.

The Farmers/Classroom Market Farewell is the final lesson of Green Beetz, which celebrates the conclusion of the program. Schools can either sign up for a Greenmarket tour or opt for an in-school Classroom Market where Green Beetz delivers fresh produce to the school. Both options are free to Public Schools and the cost is covered by Green Beetz.  You can find out more about the Farewell lesson on the videos page.

Depending on the school or after-school program, Green Beetz is taught as often as twice a week, typically once a week, and sometimes every couple of weeks throughout the entire school year.

Every Green Beetz school receives a check to use towards the “Snackz and Factz” portion of each lesson. During Day 2 of each lesson, a healthy snack is introduced to the students – along with some interesting lesson-aligned facts about what we are consuming in class.

Please direct your friend or colleague towards the application on the Teacher Portal or contact Sonia, the Program Manager, directly via email at for more information about Green Beetz and how to bring it to your school!

Yes, Green Beetz works in summer camps! We work specifically with the YMCA, and would love to offer summer programming for Public Schools and other community-based organizations.

The person who fills out the Green Beetz application will be the liaison between their school and Green Beetz – unless otherwise specified in their application. It is important to have one point-person in order for information to be passed on smoothly between the Green Beetz Program Manager and the school. For example, the Farmers/Classroom Market Farewell is organized per school and not per classroom – it must be a team effort.

Unlimited! Students, however, must be at a 5th or 6th grade learning level, as the Green Beetz curriculum is geared towards 5th and 6th grade.  We encourage entire grades to participate in Green Beetz so that the scope of the program can go beyond one classroom and have a greater impact on school wellness.

Yes, Green Beetz is also available for after-school programming.

We have begun offering parent workshops. Please contact Sonia, the Green Beetz Program Manager, at to organize a parent workshop at your school.

Yes, Green Beetz is currently based in New York across all 5 boroughs. We plan on expanding nationally in the upcoming years.

The principal or program director must approve via a signed letter during the application process in order for teachers to bring Green Beetz into their classroom.

Please email us if you have any feedback about the program at We would love to hear from you!

Yes, we do. You can find information about our P-Credit course that we offer in the summer session on the Professional Development section of the Teacher Portal website and we also offer orientation sessions for new Green Beetz educators.

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